Updated: 2023-11-17 01:49 EST

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Ottawa Authentic Movement — 2023

Guidelines for Authentic Movement

Hello Beautiful Movers in Ottawa,

In 2023 we have resumed our practice of Authentic Movement with a small, closed group of people. If you are interested in becoming part of the group, contact Ian! D. Allen.


Please review the Authentic Movement Guidelines. You can check them via the web link in the top left side-bar on this page.

These simple rules are there to create a safely defined container, into which we can submerge to explore alternate sensory experiences, alternate dimensions, alternate worlds, and then emerge to ponder all in a new perspective, individually and collectively.

Notes from Wendy Philpott

Generally we are doing very well, really!!

This is a request to please self-witness:

.......When might you not be following a Guideline well?..........

I for one can forget to open my eyes when moving quickly; others open their eyes too often!

Some might too intentionally pursue contact with another; others forget to make eye contact with a witness on entering or exiting the circle.

Just witness...maybe you have something to reveal to yourself here.

Our current main concern, however, is about time.

In my daily life, I am sometimes late and sometimes early for events.

But for AM, time is a key element.

We are specific about our beginnings and endings because that defines our safety zone.

We need that to have a strong container for our inner journeying.

So, we are all going to start on time, (you can even nudge a facilitator if they are slow to start) and we are all going to arrive on time, or we'll be locked out! We used to do that, and many of us remember being locked out at least once before. (EXCEPT on days when the weather or crowds are wild, then we will accept latecomers, we're not unreasonable!).

With all that in mind, I am grateful the the beautiful attention and focus people apply to this practice and that so many help to carry it on.

Thank you Courtenay for taking extra responsibilities, and thank you to those who have facilitated when we weren't around.

I look forward to our continuing Authentic Movement discoveries.

Wendy Philpott